On Digital Inclusion

This is a poster for a WHO conference on digital inclusion
This worldwide online conference is sponsored by WHO and you can register at https://bit.ly/3hKJKPV, part of the World Summit on the Information Society.

As COVID 19 has clearly shown, and as older people and those who work with them know, digital exclusion exacerbates social isolation, especially with respect to the value of information in the context of rapid social change and access to programs. It has been suggested that social isolation among elders is as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes daily, i.e., can lead to significant physical and social/emotional health problems. Is it surprising that in our rapidly changing digital world that yet one more form of exclusion has arisen? This is the first incidence of attention to this issue by the World Summit on an Information Society, which makes it an important global event in the field of aging. I intend to register and hope readers of my blog do as well.