Home is a Verb: Designing around the lifeworld of elders

My latest blog is found at the newsletter of the American Architectural Foundation: http://www.archfoundation.org/

If you live near Bloomington, come to our spring workshop: Places with a Purpose: Communities for a Lifetime, with Jan Hively, Kim Irwin, Scott Ball and Zach Benedict.

Flyer found here: http://lifetimecommunities.org/

and see what else we are up to at the Center on Aging and Community: http://www.iidc.indiana.edu/index.php?pageId=31

Apologies for double postings. The subscription list is growing and someday I won’t have to bother you with yet another email.

Happy spring!


One Response to Home is a Verb: Designing around the lifeworld of elders

  1. Hi Phil, I liked your observation on the tricky balance between designing for risk versus safety. Falling is obviously the highest risk factor but grab bars and ramps alone are not the answer. I vote for a new profession of ‘para-architects’ who are trained in social work, occupational therapy and design and are able to fine tune environments to the ever changing needs of their clients – with often simple means. The importance of the physical environment as an ‘enabler’ has been neglected for too long. I learned about your work through Dennis Domer at KU. I am going to talk at the ThinkTank this fall. If you are interested in some of my advocacy and design work around agin, please go to http://www.athomewithgrowingold.com, an interdisciplinary forum of professionals. Best, Susanne Stadler

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