Turning Sixty

May 24, 2009. Don’t feel different from yesterday, when I was in my fifties. But I do feel different from May 24, 1989, when I got up and ran 10 miles to celebrate 40. And I do feel different from May 24, 1967, when I graduated from Hobart High School. And I do feel different from May 24, 1955 when I got a new tricycle and Roy Rogers chaps. . . Hmmm, shouldn’t I have been riding a bicycle by then?
But, you know, I don’t really feel different. Internally, I am the same person and chronological age really has no felt meaning unless I or someone draws it to my attention – what gerontologists call “timing events.” Age is actually a pretty weak variable for determing who we are, who we should associate with, who we can be, how we should feel.
I have always looked forward to old age, though people sometimes express surprise at this position. So far, it has brought good things – two incredible grandchildren, for example. Yes, it brings loss too, but this makes the beautiful world what it is.
Take your place on the great Mandala, as it moves through your brief moment of time. (lyrics by P, P and M).